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We are The snake corps

Vocals / Marc Lewis
Guitar / Liam McGuinness
Bass / Jim Blanchard
Drums / Dave Vigay

The story... So far!

The Snake Corps came together in 1984 following a break-up of Sad Lovers & Giants (SL&G)-  Tristan Garel-Funk and Nigel Pollard recruited Marc Lewis on vocals and Liam McGuinness on bass - this original incarnation set about establishing its own identity - recording demos of songs later to appear on the band’s albums as well as a video of Look East for Eden. After some initial success building a following and reconnecting with many of the fans of SL&G, Nigel left the band and was replaced by Jon Greville from the extreme hardcore three-piece Rudimentary Peni. This line up recorded the first album: Flesh on Flesh, released on Midnight Music Records in 1984. Tours in Europe helped to build and consolidate the band's following, but despite being championed by the legendary DJ John Peel in the UK the story was largely one of press and radio indifference. Feeling a need to broaden the scope of the music the band decided to add keyboards, this resulted in the return of SL&G founder member David Wood with the addition of Jim Blanchard from label-mates the S-Haters now on bass guitar, this line-up recorded the band's second album Smother Earth. Ian Gibson (recently having left the Mk2 version of SL&G) replaced Dave Woods on keyboards and free from their contract with Midnight Music but with their commitment to release the next album on their own Label, this line-up recorded (at their expense) The 3rd Cup at Midnight-owned Berry Street Studios and with Brad Grisdale at the controls, a creative meeting of minds between the band and their engineer resulted in was what many consider to be the Snake Corps finest work. But behind the scenes all was not well, Midnight Music went into receivership and was bought up by Cherry Red Records - The band suddenly found that all their music: back catalogue, stock and copyright had now changed hands. 

Cherry Red released a best off compilation album ,'Spice' in 93. Thankfully, the band owned the recordings of their new album , The 3rd Cup and finally released a CD though a distribution label in 1995 , In 2010 Marc & Liam reformed the band, later joined by Jim on Bass and played with SL&G in Barcelona, the gig was a huge success more gigs in Berlin, Madrid and Valencia followed. The also played with the Chameleons at the 02 academy in Islington 2012 and again put on a wonderful performance, helped by their dynamic and acclaimed new session drummer Dave Vigay. The band played to a sell out audience in Tarragona, Spain, in November 2015 playing a new song ‘A Far Cry’ from a forth coming release, the 4 song EP ‘The Ocean Calls', which was released in September 2016,  -the band played to  Berlin and Madrid in October and November 2016. In April 17 They played with The Chameleons again and with US band Soft Kill in Brighton. Later that year they played in Rome, Carpi and with B Movie & The Essence in Valencia. Gig in 2018 In Germany , Italy and Spain a return to Barcelona in September. Their New Album the Second Coming is due to be released early in 2019 - with more gigs to follow... 




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The Ocean Calls

by The Snake Corps

The Snake corps

07.11.2015 / Live in Tarragona


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